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Hello, I’m Amit

I come from a Software Engineering background where I have worked in the industry for over 20 years as both a Software Developer, Engineering Mentor, and in Senior Management. Back in 2019, I was laid off from a job for the first time in my professional career where I have always excelled at what I do. I came to the realization that I couldnt be emotionally attached to a company as they can let you go at anytime regardless of performance. I spent the next few months pondering startup ideas etc, but ultimately landed back into a 9-5 job.

Something had changed. I felt empty. Unfulfilled in what I was doing. The drive to be the best for someone else no longer sat well in my mind. I needed to do my own thing. Be my own boss.

Soon after starting the new job, I came across the concept of Options Flow and how it can be used to see what the big whales were doing. It also showed me that they often have insider knowledge and we can take advantage of the flow to trade alongside them.

For the next few months I continued to research options flow, unusual options, and just options trading in general. My prior experience was only in trading Common Stock.

Around Feb 2020, I discovered Black Box Stocks and signed up for their monthly membership. Immediately I was hooked by the caring family that is BlackBoxStocks. In the first month, I doubled my small 5k test account with beginners luck. I spent the next 12 months building my skills trading options and options flow fairly successfully.

Then Dec 2021 hit, and the booming bull market of the past 8 years finally ended. The big money was pulling their money and not pushing it out. Options flow has slowed down from having tens of opportunities a week to maybe a couple of really good ones per week. So I adapted. I started taking more technical setups to scalp. Over the following 6 months I spent every free hour getting better at technical analysis. I learned a few strategies along the way, and the programmer in me kicked in.

I built my first TradingView indicator around Feb 2022 soon after learning the Opening Range Breakout Strategy. I was able to quickly take the concepts of the strategy and simplify it into an indicator. My design skills helped get this to the masses. After just a few months, this indicator is already ranked the third most popular ORB strategy on Trading View. The other two above mine were both published 3 years before mine.

Riding the success of building my first indicator, I started experimenting with other successful strategies and building indicators around them to alert entries for these great strategies that my mentors were applying. I now have a collection of these TradingView indicators that work very well and I have back tested for months.

My ultimate goal with these TradingView indicators are to help new traders improve their trading, teaching them proper Risk Management along the way. There is no get rich quick approach, and my goal is to reduce the pain for members along the way.

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